Freeze The Bad Guys

Description: Freeze The Bad Guys is a Various other game on You can play Freeze The Bad Guys in your browser free of charge. We have an obstacle for you. Sugary food Anna is on a trip and her goal is to conserve her sis. She can't do that unless she beats all the bad guys. Will you give her an assisting hand? We'll tell you ways to play this interesting game. You will need to use the computer mouse to relocate the wand around. Click on the left mouse button to ice up the bad guys. When a bad man appears you will need to freeze him quickly. See to it that you are fast enough otherwise he will certainly vanish and you won't obtain the score. In game. Game Instruction Freeze The Bad Guys please visit: There are many games in this guide, please visit offline. Thanks for watching! link video youtube: Synthesize the game worth playing on mobile phones:
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