Frozen Hidden Adventure

Description: Complying with the success of the movie "Frozen Games". Where you can play a lot of Online Flash Elsa Games. is the largest game resources of popular Frozen Games. We update New Games daily! Frozen Hidden Adventure is an Other game on You can play Frozen Hidden Adventure in your browser and mobile for free. Hey girls! The amazing land of Arendelle, Elsa's and Anna's home, is frozen by a powerful spell. Elsa needs to save it and her darling sister by finding the missing objects, scattered all around the land. She will need some help and you can join her quest. Start the great game called Frozen Hidden Adventure and help Elsa by going to the three locations and finding the magical items. First, go to the queen's room from the castle and find gloves, staff, crown, potion and a magical globe. The next area is the mystical lands of troll and there you can find the compass, necklace, grass and mushrooms. In Frozen Hidden Adventure you can also look around the castle and find the key, flower, lamp and a symbol. Collect them all and save the home of the great Elsa and Anna. Enjoy the very fun game called Frozen Hidden Adventure! Game Instruction please visit: There are many games in this guide, please visit offline. Thanks for watching! link video youtube: Synthesize the game worth playing on mobile phones:
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