Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover

Description: Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover is an other game on . You can play Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover in your browser and mobile for free. Hey girls! Kristoff from Frozen, Anna’s boyfriend, needs a makeover. He is beard has grown a lot during the winter months and he will need to either style it or remove it completely. Can you help him? Start the game called Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover and begin the great beard shaving. You will need to use an electrical shaver to cut the beard to a shorter length. The second step includes using a shaving foam and apply it all over the remaining beard. Use a razor with sharp blades to cut the hair and then rise the extra foam from his face. In Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover you can dry the skin and apply a special calming lotion on the face. He looks so much better now and you can pick a new hairstyle for him and outfit as well. Try a messy hair do, which is trendy and a combination of white blouse and dark pants. Enjoy the game called Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover! Use mouse to play Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover game.
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